365 is a series of pieces, each measuring 6 x 8 inches, which are daily meditations on one news image from the Guardian newspaper. I have been making them consistently every day since October 2006.

The impulse to make them is deeply rooted in my work as a whole but really they have grown from an increasing sense of desperation at recent events and a need to address the disposability of the terrible but often so beautiful and ambiguous images that arrive daily through the door.

When I started making the series I intended to continue each day for a year - now I see no reason to stop.

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365 of these images were shown at Imperial War Museum North from  March to September 2009.

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Michael Howard
has contributed an online catalogue.
Imperial War Museum North
Imperial War Museum North's press release.

Press images (PDF); press composite (PDF) by Stephen Yates

  • Salford Online has a feature on the exhibition and a video interview with Tom Rodgers.

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