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'My work centres upon the human figure and particularly the recording and interpretation of shared human experiences.'

- Ghislaine Howard

I suppose that the commission from Liverpool Hope University College to produce exhibitions dedicated to The Stations of the Cross: the Captive Figure at the Liverpool cathedrals and at Canterbury cathedral has been a significant turning point in my career.

I have worked on these images, in various forms, ever since leaving university. The recording of my own pregnancies and my family life, my work with expectant mothers, the prison paintings, my work in the theatre and the geriatric unit and elsewhere all now seem not only as works in their own right, but as a preparation for this major sequence.

As an artist who is continually aware of the achievements of past painters, I have been drawn to continue and develop what I regard as a deeply important strand of human expression: the visualisation of individual human experience. Mysteriously but wonderfully art, music and literature are able to communicate something of what it is to be human.

To leave trace, a record (however flawed), of our shared journey from birth to death with its attendant joys and anxieties would seem to be a worthy ambition to pursue.

- Ghislaine Howard
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