The Stations of the Cross:

the captive figure

A celebration of the human spirit

A sequence of paintings and drawings by Ghislaine Howard

in association with Liverpool Hope University College

and with the support of Amnesty International

Ghislaine Howard worked with Liverpool Hope University College to produce - as their millennium project - an exhibition of paintings and drawings taking as their subject matter the Stations of the Cross.

The exhibition was shown at Liverpool's two cathedrals - Anglican and Roman Catholic - during April 2000. It was also shown at Canterbury Cathedral in March 2001 and at Gloucester Cathedral during Lent 2003.

Some of Ghislaine Howard's studies and work in progress towards this exhibition can be seen in the following pages:

The Stations of the Cross / The Captive Figure returned to Liverpool Anglican Cathedral in 2008 as part of the Liverpool Capital of Culture celebrations.

Ghislaine's culminating work for the Stations of the Cross series, The Empty Tomb, played a central part in the Easter Sunday service at the cathedral.

The Stations of the Cross / The Captive Figure was shown at Exeter Cathedral from February to May 2009.

The Stations of the Cross / The Captive Figure will be shown at Manchester Cathedral from February to May 2010.

BBC Liverpool has a feature on The Stations of the Cross here.

It is hoped to organise further exhibition venues for the paintings and interest has already been shown by a number of secular venues across the UK as well as other cathedrals and churches.

We hope this site will prove to be a useful educational resource for students at all levels.

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Jesus is condemned to death
Oil on canvas
50cm x 40cm
20" x 16"

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